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Reading the Payout Schedule in Slots

Slot machines have become very popular in the past few years because of the ease of play of this casino game. All it takes is a push of the button or a pull of the lever. Though the chances of winning are assuredly random because of the random number generator or RNG, the possibility of a large jackpot or payout is another reason for the slot machine's popularity. However, it is important to learn what type of slot machine you are playing to know the payout schedule and what denomination you would need to play the slots.

A multiplier slot machine gives players a chance to get a pay off that is proportionate to each coin played, thus the name. For instance if one coin is played, the predetermined wining symbol may pay back with 5 coins, 10 for two coins played and 15 for three coins. With this type of machine, you may play one coin at a time. A bonus multiplier on the other hand would encourage you to play the maximum coins since it offers a bonus when you hit the jackpot.

For the buy-a-pay on the other hand, players must always play the maximum number of coins in order to collect when you hit a jackpot. In the Sizzlin' 7's machine for instance, three coins are needed for maximum play. The first coin activates the cherry combination, the second one the bar combinations, and the third one for the sevens. One coin in play will allow you to collect on cherries only, two coins for cherries and bar, and three coins for all three pay outs. When a player only puts in one or two coins and hits the jackpot symbols, he goes home with nothing.

The progressive slot machine encourages players to play the maximum. In this case, the player who would line up the three jackpot symbol gets a percentage of all the coins played. Originally, a progressive machine's payout was only dependent on that one particular machine's current number of coins and the last time it gave a big payout. Nowadays, progressive slot machines are electronically linked to other machines. Thus, all the coins that are played in the individual machines add up to a common jackpot just waiting to be won. Examples of progressive slots are the Megabucks and Quarter Mania.

No matter what type pf slot machine you play, the important thing to remember is to always look at the glass and check if the payout schedule and the denomination to be played are within your budget. Players would generally benefit for playing the maximum in slot machines since they give the best chance for a big payout. Try to look at your budget if you are able to play on $1 machines. If not, try the quarter machines, with three, two or just one quarter maximum. If these are not still within your comfort zone, nickel slot machines are also available. However, don't forget that the slot machine is also known as the one arm bandit. This is not just due to the lever or arm, that was originally used to start the game, but also because of its ability to leave a player penniless.