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High Stake Adventutres at Well of Souls Slots Game

Indiana Jones and the Well of Souls Slot Machine

Following the success of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Incas slots game, International Gaming Technology releases the Indiana Jones Well of Souls slots. This slot machine game is not a simple variant of its predecessor because it has completely different features from Indiana Jones Temple of the Incas slots.

Indiana Jones Well of Souls Video Slots

This exciting slots game presents the latest and advance features in payout schedules from International Gaming Technology, known designer of slot machines. "Multi-way" slot machines don't automatically use the usual paylines features of a good number of slots game. Instead,a player is allowed to select to place bets on specific spots on the reels.

Indiana Jones Slots Specs

Well of Souls game work on a five roll slot machine. For the very reason that the machine uses Multi-way wagering, no payline bets are needed. In its place, 243 different reel combinations are available on which you can put a bet. The maximum number of credits wager on Well of Souls slot is100 credits.

Also, Indiana Jones Well of Souls video slot machine utilizes the Advanced Video Platform. When bonuses and additional winning spins are strike or hit, players have the luxury of watching some famous video clips from the Indiana Jones films. AVP video slots are a lot easier to steer and plainly look better, so game play aspects and entertainment value of slot machines are raised when AVP feature is present.

Mega Jackpots

Indiana Jones Well of Souls slots game falls under the category networked progressive slots that presents a growing Mega Bonanza, which significantly raises the total of money won on these IGT machines. MegaJackpots have given over 3 million dollars in prizes over the past years.

These slots are a major element in the network of the Mega Cluster Top Prize.As soon as one particular element of the linked games hit a bonus round, any player can participate in its cluster play bonus round with an entry fee. In the cluster play, players can win up to four progressive roll-over prizes, or if agreed upon you can share out the jackpot among four players.

Wells of Souls Slots Multi Level Progressive Jackpot

A multi-level progressive top prize bonus game exists on this slot. In this bonus game you are permitted to play successive bonus game. Each new level brings a much bigger definite prize. If you move forward to the final stage, you are eligible to play and hopefully win the large progressive top prize.